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Most children should be screened before age seven to see if they have any orthodontic issues. Most people want to know why so early an age? The reason being that orthodontic problems usually show up as a child’s permanent teeth start showing up. Children’s dentists use interceptive method orthodontics to keep the development of those dental problems away and help the kids stay happy with great smiles.

Sometimes when a child’s baby teeth come in, they may be crowded. If this is the case, the child might suffer by having uneven development of their mandible. A crossbite might result from having a constricted palate.

There are other times, that interceptive orthodontics limit damage when your child has been using a pacifier or sucking his/her thumb past the age of three. The result of this, their jawbone may be reshaped, the dental arches might be narrow, their front teeth might protrude, or it may have caused their teeth to become misaligned.

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Your child’s baby or primary teeth have served as placeholders until their permanent teeth come in to replace them. If for some reason, they have had early loss of one of their primary teeth, it could cause their other teeth to move slowly out of their position, and that can make their permanent teeth come in and grow wrong. Our dentists here at Big Smiles Pediatric can use custom-designed space maintainers to prevent this movement and to guide the permanent teeth into the right position. A space maintainer can be fixed or removable and are usually made of plastic or stainless steel.

Space maintainers can help prevent teeth crowding in the future. Each space maintainer is custom designed for every individual child. It could eliminate the necessity for orthodontics in your child’s future, or at least reduce future costs for you.

There are times that a child’s dental arch is too small to hold all of their permanent teeth. With interceptive orthodontic treatment, it can widen that dental arch to make a space for the permanent teeth to come through correctly.

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The arch expansion will either eliminate or minimize the risk of crowding and result in a more attractive, healthier smile. Come to Big Smiles Dentistry for all your child’s dental needs. We believe in giving your kids a head start with a lifetime of great smiles so book an appointment with us now!

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