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There are young kids with dental pain who might have an infection that requires treatment; so sometimes that could mean your child might need to have sedation of some sort. Some dental procedures need your child to be completely still, or there may be several things to work on in the mouth, and the noise of the equipment might scare them. Whichever, our goal is to provide the most pain-free and safest treatment for your little one.

Here is the list of sedation that might be used in our dental clinic:

  • Nitrous oxide is a gas and is least invasive and used as a mild sedative. Most people know of it as laughing gas. We have children breathe this in with a little oxygen added to it. Your child usually doesn’t go to sleep, but will feel relaxed and often will have no concept of time and not care what is happening. Most of them will get lightheaded, a little silly, and a few will not like how they feel.
  • Mild sedation is a medication or sometimes a combination of drugs that are used in older kids. Your child would be awake but calm and most of the time would be able to follow the commands given by the dentist Milford, CT. When the procedure is over, your child will probably not remember anything about that dental visit. Oral surgeons and dentists both can provide these medications while they are doing dental work because your child is awake.
  • Moderate sedation makes your child sleepier, but some of the time they can do what the oral surgeon or dentist asks them to do. They can breathe on their own, and they will wake up easy. You will notice that your child will not remember one thing about what happened during the procedure. Oral surgeons and dentists can give these meds while they are performing the dental work.
  • Deep sedation will involve an IV (intravenous medication) that will put your child to sleep while the procedure is being carried out. Your child will move a little, and they make a noise or two, and she/he may not be able to breathe good on their own. There is always another qualified licensed person who can watch your child’s heart rhythm, heart rate, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, and all other vital signs during the procedure and until the patient wakes up. This licensed person will also decide when your child is ready to be released to go home.
  • General anesthesia can be used in a dentists office if the office is specially equipped for its use. While under general anesthesia, your child will be in a state of sleep and entirely pain-free. There will be specially-trained professional in anesthesia (dentists, physicians, or certified nurse anesthetists) that will give the sedation and also monitor your child consistently while the procedure is being performed.

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