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All about Dental Sealants Near You

Some parents question themselves if dental sealants really make a difference for their children’s teeth as far as protecting them from cavities.

Most do not realize that 80 percent of cavities in children that are school-age are prevented because of the use of sealants. Dental sealants are a protective coating that is painted onto your child’s teeth and will work at keeping bacteria from getting down into the crannies and nooks where tooth decay will occur.

Almost 60 percent of kids in the age group of 6 to 11 will not get dental sealants near you, and those kids will have about three times the number of cavities.

The dental sealant is usually painted on the child’s back teeth, the area where cavities will be most likely develop.

The sealant is composed of a resin type material that will infiltrate the areas in the grooves of the teeth. Many bacteria are in your mouth every day, and they will be the ones to get into the grooves of your teeth and make acid and cause damage to your teeth. With sealant, it will block that bacteria from being able to get into those cracks and crevices. The resin will prevent a spot where decay would usually start.

The Right age for Dental Sealant Treatment

It is recommended that sealants be used on a child’s teeth at the age of six and then at age twelve when their adult molars show up. One treatment will generally last as long as four to eight years. Temperature, the way your child chews their food, what they eat, all can affect how long the sealant will last.

It needs to be understood that there is nothing your child places in their mouth that is perfect – whether it be coffee, ice, or hot chocolate. The pressure of how one bites is intense. One does not realize they can quickly get a micro-crack in their tooth, as well as the sealant.

Some parents get wary of the sealants because they contain BPA. One must consider that it is in such minute amounts compared to other ways we are exposed to it. Your average six-year-old will have 90 percent of their exposure to BPA from the drinks and food they eat, the rest from paper receipts, air, and dust.

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Many parents skip getting the sealant because they do not have dental insurance, the cost is too much, or it is inconvenient for them to take the extra time at the dentist for the procedure. Book an appointment with your dentist near you now!

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