What Are The Most Common Orthodontic Procedures?

What Are The Most Common Orthodontic Procedures?

Aug 01, 2022

Orthodontists are specialists in dentistry aiming to correct misaligned bites, tooth alignment, and other problems to give you a perfect smile. In addition, orthodontists perform many procedures when correcting dental imperfections with your or your child’s teeth.

If your child needs orthodontic treatment between the age of seven and ten, orthodontists intervene early to provide interceptive orthodontic treatment to help ensure they have beautifully aligned teeth that allow them to have a pleasing smile.

This article explains the most common orthodontic procedures performed by orthodontists.

Why Do Children Require Screening at an Early Age?

Orthodontist in Milford, CT, recommend children be assessed for orthodontic issues by age seven. If you think the assessment is unnecessary, you might want to know why. Orthodontic problems make an appearance as the child’s permanent teeth are emerging.

The pediatric dentist Milford uses interceptive orthodontics on children to help prevent dental problems early to help your child retain their beautiful smiles. In addition, early interception ensures your child doesn’t develop crooked and misaligned teeth to require expensive orthodontic treatments lasting for a lengthy period.

Early interception ensures the damage in your child’s mouth is limited, especially if they have been using a pacifier or indulging in thumb and finger sucking. These practices are familiar among children and result in narrow dental arches, irregularly shaped jaws, protruding front teeth, or misaligned teeth.

Maintaining Space for Permanent Teeth Essential

Children’s primary teeth function as space holders until permanent teeth emerge to replace them. However, when children lose their primary teeth early, the remaining teeth in their mouths start drifting towards the vacant gap creating problems with their bites. The issue also causes permanent teeth to emerge wrongly.

Orthodontics near you ensures that your child doesn’t confront such problems by providing them with customized space maintainers for your child to eliminate the requirement of orthodontic treatment later. At the same time, the space maintainers help reduce the costs of orthodontic treatment if your child develops misaligned teeth.

Sometimes children’s dental arches do not have sufficient space for all their permanent teeth. However, interceptive orthodontic treatment helps widen the dental arch, allowing permanent teeth to emerge correctly. The expansion of the arch eradicates or minimizes the chances of crowding, resulting in an attractive smile without needing orthodontic treatment.

Standard Orthodontic Procedures for Misaligned Teeth

If your child didn’t receive interceptive orthodontics early and has developed crooked and misaligned teeth getting treatment for the condition from orthodontics nearby is not challenging.

Depending on your child’s age and the complexity of their situation, the orthodontist near you might recommend traditional braces as an effective remedy to improve the positioning of their teeth. Although the treatment is more expensive than the early interception, it helps correct the positioning of your child’s teeth to provide them with a beautiful smile after the treatment.

The treatment requires your child to wear traditional braces comprising metal brackets, wires, and bands for two years or more to straighten teeth. However, alternative remedies such as clear aligners and ceramic and lingual braces are available if your child is reluctant to display their orthodontic treatment to everyone.

Children are generally recommended the metal and wire braces because they are more affordable than the other varieties. In addition, treatments with aligners require compliance with the stipulation of the therapy for effective results. However, if your child is a teenager and can adhere to the orthodontist’s instructions, they can have their teeth straightened with the aligners providing a comfortable alternative to the un-aesthetic metal and wire braces.

Why Are Orthodontic Procedures Essential?

Children who develop crooked or crowded teeth do not have to live with the condition throughout their life. Orthodontic treatment is at hand to help you achieve the smile you desire. Orthodontists can help decide whether your child can have traditional, ceramic, lingual braces or clear aligners after assessing their mouths and recommending the most optimal treatment suitable for their condition. Your child might have to endure discomfort with the orthodontic appliances for some time as they become accustomed to having the devices on their teeth. Eventually, your child will begin to enjoy their beautiful smile through the treatment provided by orthodontics nearby that helps improve their aesthetic appearance and dental health simultaneously.

Big Smiles Pediatric Dentistry provides interceptive orthodontics and various orthodontic treatments to children with orthodontic dental imperfections. If your child is confronting this issue, kindly schedule an appointment with this practice to give your kid a beautiful smile.

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