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Mouth guards are coming more and more to the forefront as a necessity for your child to wear as they play sports or any recreational activity that there might be some trauma to their mouth. It fits snug over their upper teeth and will protect your child’s entire mouth region from severe injury.

Most sports organizations require their participants to wear mouth guards. Mouth guards have been mainly designed to protect a person’s teeth. But they can significantly reduce the amount of force that is transmitted after a trauma impact spot like the jaw or the base of the brain. If this happens, the mouth guard helps to minimize the possibility of severe brain injury, that is so important for young children.

Mouth guards can reduce injuries from:

  • Concussions
  • Soft tissue and gum injuries
  • Cheek lesions
  • Lip lesions
  • Jawbone fractures
  • Tongue lesions
  • Neck injuries
  • Tooth fractures

How do you know what kind of mouth guard you should buy for your child? There are thousands of different mouth guard brands, and they usually fall into about three categories: bite and boil mouth guards, customized mouth guards, and stock mouth guards.

When you are choosing a mouth guard, think about this:

  • How often does your child play sports or other recreational activities?
  • How much can you afford to spend on the mouth guard?
  • What type of sports is your child involved in? (It seems that baseball and basketball get the most mouth injuries).

Think about this when you are choosing a guard for your child and discuss with your child’s dentist:

The stock mouth guard – you can buy them over the counter and pop it into your child’s mouth. It is a one-size for everyone, so this means it cannot be adjusted. They are very cheap, fit easy, and you can find them in any sporting store. A pediatric dentist dislikes this guard least, because it does not provide good protection, blocks proper speaking and breathing, and is usually uncomfortable to wear.

Custom Mouth Guards Near You

The boil and bite mouth guards are mostly made from a thermoplastic, and you can find them at sporting stores. You must place it in hot water before it can be pliable, and then you must press it to your child’s teeth to make a custom mold. They are a little bit more expensive than the stock guards but seem to be a little more protection, might be more comfortable in your child’s mouth, and they allow for more easy breathing and speech.

The customized mouth guards are the very best in protection, are custom designed by your dentist. The first thing that happens is your child’s dentist will make an impression of their teeth by using a material, and then he will make the new mouth guard by constructing it over the mold.

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The customized mouth guards do take longer to fit, of course; and are more expensive, they are more comfortable, correct orthodontically, and for sure approved by your dentist. Book an appointment with your dentist Milford, CT now!

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