5 Ways To Help With Their Fear Of Orthodontists

5 Ways To Help With Their Fear Of Orthodontists

Jul 01, 2019

It’s obvious that some kids fear orthodontist Milford CT. They may have heard of scary stories or how painful it is to visit the pediatric dentist and get their tooth decay treated. But the fear should not stop them or you from visiting the Milford pediatric dentist.

  • Listening to their Fears

As responsible parents, the first thing you need to do is make your child feel heard. They need empathy and a sense of acceptance that somebody understands their fears and concerns. You can listen to them and explain that there’s nothing to worry about the pain. Try to explain the importance of good oral health and how a dentist can help in maintaining it.

Overcoming Their Fear of Orthodontists

  • Make a Pre-Appointment Meeting

Before taking your child for the actual examination or treatment, it’s better to first take them for a casual meeting and consultation. If the pediatric dentist near Milford, CT, recommends getting any treatment, your child can ask as many questions as they want to pacify their anxiety.

  • No Surprise Appointments

No one likes to get surprised by an appointment, especially if they are already nervous. It’s better to let them know a few days before the appointment. Also, don’t inform them too early as it will give them more time to think and get anxious.

  • Find a Kid-Friendly Orthodontist

You must try to find a kid-friendly pediatric dentist near 06460, so that they understand the concerns and fears of children and tackle them accordingly. A dentist who enjoys the company of kids will go an extra mile to make them feel comfortable.

  • Let Them Bring Their Favorite Toy

Some kids love a specific toy so much that, it pacifies them. If your child insists on taking his/ her favorite toy to the dental clinic, let them do that as it will distract them and the procedure will go through peacefully.

  • Advanced Orthodontics’ Kids Club

Once your child becomes a member of this club, they can earn points for going to regular appointments, says the pediatric dentist near me.

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