Common Children’s Tooth Injuries That Happen At Home

Common Children’s Tooth Injuries That Happen At Home

Jul 16, 2019

It is common that children get sustain to general tooth injury and damage right at childhood. Among this many are preventable. In such cases, one must not delay visiting Milford pediatric dentist for the right solution.

Some of the common tooth injuries that a child may have at home are:

Prematurely Lost Baby Tooth

Due to injury, baby tooth or primary teeth may lose. This may happen due to tripping or falling while playing. In such cases, parents must schedule detents to visit to replace a child’s lost tooth at right time.

Broken Tooth

A child may break his tooth due to high impact force on the face or jaw. This is an incredibly common issue faced by child and a pediatric dentist at Milford ct helps preserve the broken teeth with the right solution.

Dislocated Permanent Tooth

Dislocated permanent tooth can be an issue of worry and immediate attention is essential in such cases. A dentist can help place the lost tooth back again in the socket or you may try this right at home.

Preventing Common Dental Injuries at Home

Safer Stairs

Infant may fall over stairs which may lead to dental injuries and thus pediatric dentist at 06460 suggest making stairs much safer for your babies.

Make Your Fireplace Safe

If you have a fireplace in your home, you need to keep it protected with a safety gate so that baby does not enter this unsafe territory crawling. While keeping fireplace tools at home, keep it away from the reach of your kids.

Prevent Tripping

Tripping is one of the obvious causes of premature loss of teeth. To avoid tripping of your children takes proper care of your child. To know more about this schedule an appointment with a pediatric at dentist near me.

Protect Your Athlete’s Teeth

There is more probability of damaging teeth while playing sports. Athlete’s teeth are more likely to sustain damage. In such cases, one must search a pediatric dentist near you to get a mouth guard for your child.

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