Dental Sealants Protect Your Kid’s Teeth

Dental Sealants Protect Your Kid’s Teeth

May 16, 2019

Guiding your child to adapt to the proper dental hygiene is one of the best things you can do as the parent. And dental sealants are one of the best things you can gift your child to ensure the kid’s teeth does not go under any sort of decay due to plaque building. Kids of any age can get sealant through a pain free procedure to ensure dental health for many years. It’s a great solution because you cannot always monitor what the child is eating and drinking, but can offer this preventive measure to retain the kid’s teeth health by visiting Big Smiles Pediatric Dentistry.

Sealants and how do they Work?

Sealants are used by pediatric dentist Milford CT to seal the backside of the teeth and fill all the gaps, pits and fissures behind the teeth where plaque buildup may happen. Plaque formed from small food particles accumulate in the pits and fissures to inflame the gums and weaken the foundation of the healthy teeth. When such pits are sealed by a sealant, then the chances of plaque buildup is nullified and hence a normal dental hygiene is enough to ensure health of teeth for years.

Do sealants last?

Sealants last for several years with proper dental hygiene maintenance are careful selection of food. The Milford pediatric dentist suggests, if the kid does not crush hard candies or ice by teeth, then sealants would stay intact. Any hard food item which may break or chip a teeth can impact sealant too. Avoiding such items would help in continuing with the same sealant coating for many years.

Does the procedure hurt?

Sealant application by a pediatric dentist 06460 is a totally pain free and absolutely safe and easy procedure. No anesthesia or pain killers are needed in this. The pediatric dentist near you simply applies the sealant to the teeth and lets it dry.

How long does it take to have a sealant placed?

Placing sealant is a fast process. The teeth is first cleaned with pumice and it’s ensured that no pits and fissures have any food particles stuck in them. Then a barrier is placed in the mouth to avoid saliva from wetting the teeth. The teeth is dried well, and then sealant is applied one by one on each tooth, which takes 2 mins in an average per tooth.

Is the tooth easier to keep clean once it is sealed?

After sealing the tooth surface area is reduced and pits and fissures are totally covered thereby making it easier to clean and brush the teeth.

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