A Guide To Dental Sealants

A Guide To Dental Sealants

Jun 01, 2020

When you are parenting, the care for your child’s tooth is an essential aspect of parenting. By nature, humans have two sets of teeth. The primary teeth give away to the permanent one. The children cannot express their agony, and you need a specialist to assess the issues faced and diagnose accordingly.

The pediatric dentist is specially trained to diagnose and treat the dental problems of children from infancy to young adulthood. Gone are the days when you would look for “pediatric dentistry near me” over the internet, and now you can spot a number of pediatric dentists in Milford.

The teeth are one of the essential organs of the body, and you need to take proper care to maintain its natural shine and increase longevity. Although you can have numerous dental treatments to restore the shine and vitality, natural teeth have their glamour.

What are Dental Sealants?

With the advancement in dentistry, the chances of stopping dental ailment and dental decay has also risen. Dental sealants are things coats of plastic that can be painted on the chewing surface of the teeth to prevent tooth decay.

Regular flossing and brushing your teeth can remove the food particles and plaque from the smoother surfaces of your teeth. But the floss and brushes cannot reach the crannies and nooks of your back teeth and remove the plaque. Here comes the importance of dental sealants, and you can protect the vulnerable areas of your teeth from dental decay and cavities with dental sealants.

Dental sealants in Milford can provide your children with the dental sealant they need. Children are more vulnerable to caries or cavities. Moreover, the gum of children is delicate and might get scratches with rigorous brushing. Dental sealants can protect their teeth. Getting sealants on the permanent molars and premolars can protect the teeth of the children through their cavity-prone age of six to fourteen years. You can search over the internet for “dental sealants near me” to get the best clinics for your child.

Types and Application of Sealants

Medically speaking, dental sealants can be applied on the occlusal surfaces of your teeth so that it can penetrate the atomic surface pits and fissures of the dental surface and form a physical barrier. Based on the reaction of the sealant materials with the teeth, sealant materials can be broken into two categories.

The composite resins are set on the teeth through the polymerization reaction process, while the glass ionomers undergo an acid-base reaction once they are set on the tooth.

The sealants are placed over the tooth in liquid form are gelled with the teeth either by chemical reaction or by activation by a special light. To apply the sealant, the tooth is treated with an acid to enhance the wetting and increase the chances of retention of the sealants.

The application of the sealants is a painless process and takes a few minutes for the pediatric dentist to get it in place. Sealants are a perfect way to keep cavities at bay for the children as the short process would not make the child much bothered, and this painless way of protecting the teeth is widely patronized.

Sealants prevent your teeth from decay and can itself last for a decade or so. Although the sealants have almost zero maintenance, you can visit the pediatric dentist to check for chipping or wear at regular intervals.

Most insurance firms cover the cost of sealants. You can check with the clinic for insurance coverage too. Big Smiles Milford, CT, works in collaboration with all leading insurance firms.

What Does Research Show?

The recent clinical research reveals that dental sealants can prevent up to 80% of the cavities for the first two years of application. The sealants are non-toxic and can be retained in your mouth without peripheral damage.

Children can lose school time due to tooth decay as the pain can be daunting and affect normal sleep, eating, and other regular activity. In case of emergency, you might search for a “dentist near me,” but Big Smiles can be your one-stop solution.

With a perfect blend of advanced technology and children entertainment with various electronics, Big Smile also has friendly staff to cater to your dental needs. Pediatrics are well experienced in treating the children.

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