Why Mouthguards Are Important For Kids In Sports

Why Mouthguards Are Important For Kids In Sports

Jan 30, 2019

As parents you might always be worried about your kid’s teeth. While they are playing and involved in any kind of sports then the concern is real. Knowing how to prevent injuries to your mouth and face is very important if you participate in organized sports or other recreational activities says pediatric dentist in 06460.

Here’s look to know why mouthguards are very vital for your dental carre:

Who Should Wear Mouthguards?

Sports related dental injuries are around more than 600,000 ER visits each year. Now, that’s a huge number. Mouth guards are recommended particularly for contact sports such as boxing, wrestling, football, soccer, hockey and lacrosse. Any kid aged between 8-15 is recommended to wear mouthguard says kids dentist near me. Mouthguard is also for adults who are involved in sports and recreational activities.

Can My Child Wear a Mouthguard with Braces?

Now, if your kid has braces and is involved in many activities then most of your concern would be whether your kid can wear a mouthguard with braces. Then the answer is Yes! Mouthguard helps in preventing any kind of damage to the brackets in the braces and thereby reducing damage to your kid’s soft tissues in mouth. Pediatric dentist in Milford CT will guide you about the best type of mouthguard to be used with braces.

Different Types of Mouthguards

Custom-fitted – These mouthguards are made by a dentist Milford, CT or a dental technician to fit the person’s mouth making it perfect for them. They provide the best protection due to their close fit, comfort and cushioning effect says Milford pediatric dentist.

Stock – a ready-to-wear – This mouthguard is a ready to wear preformed one. They are least expensive and offer the least amount of protection. They tend to be uncomfortable and fit poorly.

Boil-and-bite – the person bites on the mouthguard once the lining is softened in boiling water, to help it take the shape of their mouth like a mold. A ‘boil-and-bite’ mouthguard should be replaced each season. These mouthguards may not conform to the person’s bite and can be uncomfortable to wear.

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