What Happens When You Neglect Dental Exams And Cleaning?

What Happens When You Neglect Dental Exams And Cleaning?

Jan 01, 2020

Neglecting dental exams and cleaning just because you don’t like the strange prodding noises and the occasional discomfort in the jaw is a mistake you should avoid at all costs. A tooth cleaning procedure is painless and simple and therefore despite understanding your apprehension it is suggested that you change your habits immediately because it can allow you to enjoy minty-fresh results.

What Happens During Dental Exams and Cleaning?

The pediatric dentist near you or the one conducting dental exams and cleaning in Milford, CT, will begin by conducting a physical exam of your entire mouth. The dental hygienist will use a tiny mirror to look around your teeth and gums for signs of any inflammation which could indicate gingivitis and other potential concerns. If any major problems are detected the dental hygienist will discuss with the dentist to make sure it is okay to proceed.

Removing Plaque and Tartar Will Be the Goal of the Dentist

The dental hygienist armed with the tiny mirror and a scaler will be looking to get rid of the plaque and tartar around your gum line along with any between your teeth. You will hear normal scraping sounds. The quantity of tartar in your mouth will determine the time taken for the scraping in a specific spot.

Brushing and flossing would perhaps have stopped the plaque from building up to harden into tartar. As you already have it you can only have it removed at the pediatric dentist’s office. Therefore if this is the part you hate most of the cleaning process you had better begin to brush and floss regularly.

Cleaning with a Gritty Toothpaste

After the tartar has been removed completely from your teeth the dental hygienist will be brushing them with an electric toothbrush that makes a grinding noise. You have every right to be scared about this procedure but it is a fantastic method of removing any tartar left behind by the scaler.

The toothpaste used during professional cleanings smells and tastes like regular toothpaste but you have an option to choose the flavor you want. However, the consistency of the toothpaste will be gritty and will gently scrub your teeth. When it is done by a professional this polishing of the teeth is considered safe for at least twice a year. However, there is no need for you to be harsh with your teeth at home because chances are that you will wear down the enamel.

Flossing Lessons

You could be using dental floss at home but you cannot beat the expertise of a professional. Getting deep between your teeth and locating any potential trouble spots which may cause bleeding is a habit your dental hygienist is accustomed to. This exercise may appear as pointless if you are flossing at home regularly but having the same done by a professional will help to remove any leftover plaque or toothpaste from the cleaning process conducted earlier.


You will be asked to rinse your mouth to get rid of any debris but the rinse will contain liquid fluoride.

Application of a Fluoride Treatment

Finally, the cleaning process will be concluded with a fluoride treatment. This treatment is helpful as a barrier for your teeth to continue fighting against cavities for several months. Here again, you will have the option of choosing the flavor you want before the foamy gel is placed into a mouthpiece to fit over your teeth. It will be in position for about a minute but will harden the moment it comes into contact with the saliva in your mouth. You will be able to have food or beverages immediately after.

Children Also Need Dental Exams and Cleaning

The pediatric dentist in Milford, CT, will recommend that children also be scheduled for dental exams and cleanings at least twice a year. They will also take x-rays during the exams. The pediatric dentist may recommend sealants on the molars to prevent cavities in difficult to brush areas.

You may need additional steps or perhaps not need them at all but your objective must be to visit the pediatric dentist at least twice a year for cleanings and exams to prevent any problems altogether. You will be more at ease with yourself if you try to understand what’s happening in your mouth ahead of time. With time you may one look forward to these appointments if you are determined not to neglect dental exams and cleaning.

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