Keeping Your Kids Teeth Healthy On The Holidays

Keeping Your Kids Teeth Healthy On The Holidays

Jan 03, 2019

Are you excited about the Holidays? Have you already planned a trip for the Holidays but worried about your child’s dental routine getting compromised? According to Pediatric dentist in Milford, it’s important to take care of your child’s dental hygiene even during holidays as those are the days when kids overindulge in desserts, sweets, and junk food. The Pediatric dentist near Milford CT says that parents need to set an example for kids by taking care of their dental routine.

Here’s a Look at Tips for keeping your Kid’s Teeth Healthy:

    • Allow the kids to choose toothbrush

You may have taken your kids along when buying clothes for holidays. But also take them to store for buying toothbrush. These days one can find fancy toothbrushes in market which kids will certainly love. According to Pediatric dentist in 06460, when kids have a tooth brush of their choice, they would look forward to using it.

    • Take Breaks on Road Trip for Brushing

The Kids dentist in Milford says that if you are on a road trip, try to take breaks and ask your kids to brush their teeth especially if your kids have been eating all the while during travelling which is quite expected of them. When having your meals, ask the kids to drink water instead of citric juices or acidic beverages such as soda. If possible convince them to choose healthy meals and explain how it will help in maintaining their oral health.

    • Make a Dental Routine Before Going to Bed

In regular days, make a dental routine for your kids where they brush their teeth twice a day, in morning as well as before the bed. When they develop a habit, brushing at night will be a routine and come automatically to them. Spending few minutes in brushing will help in reaping benefits in long run. Brush teeth along with your kids so that they learn from you and follow you.

Explain your kids the importance of dental hygiene and why it is important to brush teeth twice.

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