How Digital X-Rays Can Make Shorter Dental Appointments

How Digital X-Rays Can Make Shorter Dental Appointments

Jan 01, 2022

Regular dental checkups and comprehensive dental examinations are essential to ensure that you are healthy dentally. These preventive dental procedures help to ensure that your oral organs are in good condition and at no risk of developing dental defects or diseases. During dental examinations or checkups, your dentist employs diagnostic machines to help check out for problems in the mouth. One of these machines is the dental x-ray used to examine places in the mouth that are invisible to the naked eye.

A dental x-ray is a piece of dental diagnostic equipment used to capture images of the interior of your teeth and gums that may not be visible to the naked eyes. The most common type of x-ray is the traditional x-ray which has been in use since the 1890s. It uses radiation to interact with the teeth, gum, and surrounding bones in the mouth to produce x-ray images of these organs on film. However, a new type of x-ray introduced in 1987, known as a digital dental x-ray, has proved to be better than the traditional x-ray. It uses computer technology, electronic sensors, and little radiation to produce images.

Since X-rays are used to examine parts of the mouth that might not be visible to the naked eye, they come in handy during dental checkups and examinations. These preventive dental procedures aim to detect telltale signs of cavities, decay, and other dental problems early enough to stop them from causing significant damage to your dental health. Dental X-rays can also be used to monitor and ensure the growth and development of teeth, especially in children whose teeth are still growing.

Digital X-ray VS Traditional X-ray

Digital X-rays in Milford CT are better than traditional X-rays and can help to make dental appointments shorter. Below are the ways through which this is achieved:

  • Less radiation: Digital X-rays expose you to up to 90% less radiation than a traditional x-ray would. Frequent radiation exposure can damage your body cells and even destroy the DNA.
  • Higher quality images: Digital X-rays produce images that can be enlarged or magnified on the screen to better examine the teeth structure, unlike traditional X-rays’ standard size that makes viewing difficult.
  • Environmentally friendly: With digital dental x-rays, chemicals are not needed to develop the film. Therefore, they are better for the environment.
  • Comfort: There is no need to wear uncomfortable lead protective covers while undergoing a digital dental x-ray procedure with its traditional counterpart. That is possible because digital X-rays utilize sensors only.
  • Time-saving and efficient: Digital X-rays near you can take multiple images and display them instantly. That can help you spend a shorter time in the dental clinic since digital X-rays point out the problem quickly.

Benefits Of Digital Dental X-rays

The use of digital dental X-rays is now widespread because it is better than traditional dental X-rays. Benefits of digital dental X-rays over traditional dental X-rays include:

  • Shorter dental appointments: Films used in traditional dental X-rays have to be developed before the outcome of an x-ray is determined. However, with digital dental X-rays in Big smiles pediatric dentistry, you do not have to wait for your dentist to develop x-ray films because their sensors immediately develop the picture and project it on a computer screen.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Digital dental X-rays help to detect dental problems quickly. That way, you can save money by avoiding invasive treatments when you go for general dentistry near me.
  • Easy access to x-ray results: You can receive printed copies of the results of your x-ray almost immediately. Also, you can access your results electronically and send them through electronic systems to insurance companies to help speed up the process for specific insurance claims.
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