Dental Hygiene Is A Must For All Age Groups!

Dental Hygiene Is A Must For All Age Groups!

Oct 01, 2019

Brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day is just not enough. You need to visit a pediatric dentist every six months to maintain your oral hygiene and your tooth from any decay or gum diseases. This should be practiced as early as the age of 1.

Dental cleaning in Milford, CT is conducted by a hygienist by removing plaque from the teeth so that to avoid cavities if any. Professional cleaning includes scaling, polishing and removal of tartar with the help of various instruments and devices. The dentist uses a small mirror to examine and remove plaque and tartar between the teeth. If plaque accumulates in abundance, it solidifies and forms tartar. Dental Cleaning is a non-painful process. Cleaning also whitens the teeth though temporarily since the plaque and tartar is removed.

There are two parts to a regular checkup

  1. Examination: In this check-up is done for cavities. X-rays are taken from various angles inside the mouth to detect the cavities, plaque or tartar between the teeth. Cavities can look like a black/brown spot or a small fracture or a hole in the tooth. Plaque is a sticky layer of bacteria, which eats up almost all the sugars and starches. It produces acids that attack the teeth even after 20 minutes of eating. It promotes decay and can also destroy the enamel present in the teeth. If not removed on time, it hardens and forms tartar. It can look like a piece of rock or cement. Tatars further cause oral gum disease. Then the gums are checked with various tools. The depth of the spaces between the teeth and gums are measured. The deeper the spaces the more trouble. Gum diseases are also examined which can make the gums sensitive or swollen.
  2. Cleaning: This is the second stage where brushing and flossing are used to remove plaque from the teeth whereas special tools are used to remove tartar. This process of removing tartar is called scaling. Once they are removed, the dentist uses a tool to inject water into your mouth for rinsing the particles. Then a suction wand is used to remove excess water and debris from the mouth. After scaling the teeth are polished with particular fluoride-containing pastes. It also removes stains from the surface of the teeth. And then finally Flossing is done to give a final touch to the process.

If you are sensitive to dental cleanings, then you can go for ultrasonic cleanings where the tartar is broken with vibrations and water.

Basic reasons why you should visit the pediatric dentist regularly:

  • To detect plaque, Cavities, Tartar
  • To detect any Gum disease.
  • To find problems lying beneath the surface of the mouth
  • Keeping Bad Habits in check
  • To Detect Oral Cancer.

Pediatric Dentistry, as the name suggests, is dedicated to the oral health of children from infancy to the growing teens. Dental Checkups are necessary as early as the age of 1 as soon as the first tooth appears. Early check ups can help prevent cavities and tooth decay. Regular checkups prevent the mouth at various stages of childhood.

The Child is also examined as an adult with the same procedure. The dentist might also conduct digital X-rays to do a thorough examination of the mouth. A periodontal examination is also conducted to detect if there is any bone loss or decay or periodontal disease in the child’s mouth.

Though the cleaning process is not painful yet the anxiety amongst kids are highest before visiting a Pediatric Dentist in Milford, CT. Parents should explain and try to calm the children before visiting a hygienist. And if the anxiety persists, they should inform the pediatrician in advance so that he/she gives sedation options to the child to reduce the anxiety level.

Ensuring a child is comfortable is also the job of a pediatric dentist Milford, CT. If you are looking for a Pediatric Dentist near me, book an appointment for pediatric dentistry in 06460 at Big Smiles Pediatric Dentistry where they ensure Big Healthy Smiles.

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