Adult Dentistry Vs. Pediatric: The Actual Difference

Adult Dentistry Vs. Pediatric: The Actual Difference

Dec 01, 2021

Are there differences between adult dentistry and pediatric? After all, adults and children both visit dental professionals looking after their dental and oral health. Why then does your child need help from a pediatric dentist near you when your family dentist deals with patients of all ages? While general dentistry professionals dealing with adults can treat patients of all ages, they are not specialists as pediatric dentists are. In many cases, the professionals from general dentistry refer children to a pediatric dentist because they may have unique needs, while the same may not happen with you.

Pediatric Dentistry Explained

The pediatricians of dentistry are pediatric dentists. These professionals learn child psychology, growth, and development during their training in dental school and post-graduation. In addition, they are exposed to specific dental and emotional requirements of growing children. Thus, dentistry for children is unlike it is for adults.

Most babies begin developing their primary teeth by six months, and they are called baby teeth. The primary teeth eventually fall out, but the American Academy of pediatric dentistry suggests children have dental exams from the time their first tooth erupts or age one.

Infants and Children’s Exams

During infant and children’s dental exams, your child can sit in the comfort and security of your lap facing you. This pediatric dentist sits with you, and the child is gradually lower back into the dentist’s lap while you remain in contact with your child. The pediatric dentist examines your child’s mouth using a tiny mirror soft toothbrush. Children must receive dental exams every six months because it helps the dentist detect signs of orthodontic problems early to recommend proper treatment.

Adult Dentistry Explained

As an adult, the ADA recommends you have comprehensive dental exams and cleanings every six months to monitor your dental health. For example, as an adult, you would have lost all your primary teeth and developed 32 or 28 teeth if you had four wisdom teeth extracted.

Adults and teenagers are also prone to gum disease and tooth decay. Adults at high risk of gum disease must visit their dentist more frequently than every six months. Adult teeth are permanent and are expected to remain with them throughout their lives. Adult dentistry procedures involve therapies like root canals, extractions, fillings, sealants, oral cancer screenings, cosmetic treatments, periodontal treatments, etcetera.

If you need specialized treatment for conditions like advanced gum disease or tooth loss, adult dentistry near you will not likely recommend you to visit a pediatric dentist in Fairfield. Adult dentistry professionals are qualified and trained to perform different treatments, whether straightforward or complicated.

Which Dentist Should You Prefer?

If you are looking for a dentist for teenagers and adults, you will likely receive better help from adult dentistry in Milford, CT, treating patients of all ages after adolescence. Whether you need routine dental cleanings and exams or cosmetic treatments like dental veneers or crowns, rest assured the Milford dentist will not disappoint you or refer you to any other specialist. They provide the treatments needed at their dental office, ensuring you leave their office satisfied with their services.

The Milford dentist ensures you don’t have to remain anxious about your dental visit because they are trained to provide even complicated treatments comfortably by giving you dental sedation to calm your anxiety and administer local anesthesia in your mouth to manage the pain. You won’t even realize the local anesthesia delivery into your mouth because you remain entirely relaxed during the procedure.

You can even have younger children accompany you during your dental visits to make them realize how they can remain calm in the dentist’s chair when they visit the pediatric dentist near you for any procedures they require. Of course, as your child grows, they will need help from adult dentistry which the dentist Milford, CT provides to maintain continuity. However, if you want your children to enjoy a lifetime of excellent dental hygiene and beautiful smiles, you must get them off to a head start providing them specialized dental care from a pediatric dentist until they are older to decide themselves. As for you, the choices are limited because you don’t need help from pediatric dentists who will likely provide similar services but at higher prices, because they are dedicated to children’s dentistry and not adult dental care.

Children are best managed by pediatric dentists specialists in treating children. However, adult dentistry near you cares for all your dental needs, especially when you don’t need assistance from a specialist to manage routine dental problems.

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