8 Tips To Help Keep Your Teeth Clean Between Cleanings

8 Tips To Help Keep Your Teeth Clean Between Cleanings

Mar 11, 2019

Don’t you love the fresh feeling you experience just after the professional cleaning that your dentist does twice every year? It is the same for kids.

Here’s a Look at How Kids Can Keep Teeth Clean between Cleanings:

Ditch Soda

Kids love to drink aerated cold drinks but these drinks come with soda which is not good for their dental health, says paediatric dentist in 06460. The ingredients making these drinks fizzy wear the enamel off your teeth leaving them vulnerable to decay and cavity.

Cut Down on Sugar

It’s important that your child reduces the sugar intake as sugar promotes bacterial growth and acid in your mouth causing plaque on teeth and gums, says Milford pediatric dentist.

Quit Smoking

While this does not apply to kids, it’s important for people of every age to understand that smoking or consuming any other tobacco product is not good for your overall health and not just dental health. The nicotine and tar eats away your gums, says pediatric dentist in Milford CT.

Use Proper Technique

You may have taught your child to brush their teeth twice a day but it is equally important to teach them how to brush their teeth. Using right technique is important when it comes to brushing.


According to pediatric dentist near me, there are many kids who brush their teeth but never floss. As a parent, you must teach your child the importance of flossing for keeping their teeth clean.

Don’t Over Do It

Kids are naive and may aggressively brush or floss their teeth. But you must make them understand that it can hurt their gums or make their teeth sensitive.

Chew Gum

If you can’t brush your teeth after every meal, give you child a pack of sugar-free gums to freshen their breath and get rid of food residue on teeth.

Clean Your Teeth While You Eat

Include dental health friendly food such as carrots, apples, celery, and popcorn in your kid’s diet to cut down on plaque.

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