4 Reasons To Consider Dental Exam And Teeth Cleaning

4 Reasons To Consider Dental Exam And Teeth Cleaning

Feb 26, 2019

You might have teeth cleaning and it must not have gone well. Professional dental cleaners not only just keep your smile bright but they look after your general health. Improper oral hygiene can lead to several issues- bone loss, cardiovascular diseases, strokes and cancer.

Big Smiles Pediatric Dentistry recommends brushing and flossing at home twice a day ensures teeth are healthy and clean. Visiting dental hygienist for dental exam and teeth cleaning at least two times in a year lowers the risk of cavities and other problems.

4 main reasons to consider dental exam and teeth cleaning every year-

  • It helps you save money

Annual or semi-annual dental examination and teeth cleaning session helps you keep away from tooth decay and gum diseases. Preventive dentistry saves your money as compared to restorative dentistry.

Regular care at home ensures that there would be a need for less work to repair a damaged tooth with.

  • It helps remove plaque and tartar

Bacteria are caused by plaque and tartar as it is a perfect place for them to breed and spread. These substances often formed under the gum line and in between the teeth. It is very difficult to clean them in a regular toothbrush.

  • It helps prevent gum disease

Plaque and tartar are the main reasons for periodontal diseases. These substances give rise to bacteria and let them spread.

Big Smiles Pediatric Dentistry suggests getting your teeth cleaned regularly by professionals. This will ultimately decrease the risk of gum disease and saves you from tooth loss.

  • It helps boost your overall health status

It has been proven that there is a direct connection between oral and overall health. Regular dental exam and teeth cleanings help the pediatric dentist in detecting diseases like strokes, diabetes, etc.

Diabetes can lead to the development of cavities. A dentist can also find out oral cancer during a dental examination.

Visit a pediatric dentist Milford, CT for a dental exam or professional teeth cleaning at Big Smiles Pediatric Dentistry that help you in achieving your desired smile.

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